The Cooler

The Cooler

In collaboration with Monkey 47 and the venerable ceramics manufacturer Tecco, we’ve developed a one-of-a-kind Cooler for the perfect Monkey 47 bottle serve. Made of stoneware and finished with the grey salt glaze for which Monkey 47 is known (having already featured on The Becher), the Cooler combines classic design with the ability to keep ice cubes cold for the perfect Monkey Tonic or a neat dram of Monkey 47 Barrel Cut. It's rounded out by a striking handle of untreated walnut wood. The Cooler angles inward around the inside to collect the melted water and enclose the bottle of Monkey 47, which sits on the bottom of the Cooler as a counterpart to the small Monkey clambering along the wooden handle. It's the ideal accompaniment for well-tempered enjoyment. In that spirit – Cheers!

Client: Monkey47
Producer: Manufacturer Tecco

Photo Credits: Studio Likeness

Project assistant: Lya Rennhard
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